UEFA Volunteers

Our 2023 finals Volunteer interviews are well underway!

April 24, 2023

With over 16’000 applications received across all finals, our local Volunteer managers have been working tirelessly to accommodate the desired numbers needed for each event.

The Volunteer management teams from Budapest, Eindhoven, Prague, Istanbul, Rotterdam and Enschede are all going full steam ahead reviewing your applications and meeting you!

After the application review, selected candidates will be invited to an interview either online or in person at the respective federation or at the stadium. Each interviewee will have the chance to show their motivation, skills and availabilities for the final. Successful candidates will then be offered a role offer depending on various factors.

We are currently in the closing phases of the interview process, but you still have the chance to apply to the following events:

  • UEFA Nations League finals 2023
    • Enschede
      • Semi-Final 2 – Spain vs Italy
      • 3rd Place match
    • Rotterdam
      • Semi-Final 1 – Netherlands vs Croatia
      • Final
  • UEFA Conference League Final 2023
    • Prague
      • Final (teams remaining: Fiorentina, Basel, West Ham and AZ Alkmaar)